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Wills and Trusts: Protect your family and avoid probate!

A will is easy to create and it is the simplest means to pass on your assets to your beneficiaries

Do you have a will?

You can have an estate planning attorney prepare one for you, or you can purchase one from legal form websites such as Legalzoom or Standard Legal. You can also download one FREE from California Bar Association. Click here to download a FREE statutory will form. If you have real estate and other significant assets, you might consider forming a trust.

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Avoid Probate by forming a Living Trust.

A living trust can help your beneficiaries avoid the expense and delay of probate. Probate can last three years and probate fees can eat up to 10% of your estate's value. A living trust also affords you more privacy than a will because you don't have to register it in probate court. A living trust may also help avoid certain estate taxes if properly prepared. Finally, a living trust allows you to designate someone you trust to manage your assets if you become incapacitated and are unable to manage them yourself.

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